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12mm Solar Pipe Insulation Armaflex HT External Use 13mm Wall

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Quick Overview

Armaflex HT Solar Pipe Insulation Lagging Sunlight and UV resistant flexible up to 150 C

There is an increasing demand for the benefits of an environmentally friendly flexible insulation material, that retains these benefits at higher temperature ranges. HT/Armaflex meets the demand.

The Advantage Of Specifying HT/Armaflex

Remains flexible at high temperatures of up to +150 C and down to -50 C
UV-resistant and can be installed outside without additional protective measures
Class 1 resistance to flame spread in accordance with BS 476 Part 7 test procedure
Built in vapour barrier prevents condensation
Improved resistance against oil
Reduced smoke development in the event of fire
Lightweight & flexible: easy and speedy installation with low maintenance, resulting in time and cost savings
Dust, fibre and CFC free with an Ozone Depletion Potential of zero

Application Area

Thermal Insulation for pipework, vessels and ducts in : solar panels including Outdoors, Motor vehicles, Hot gas lines, Steam and dual temperature lines.

Technical Product Data - HT/Armaflex

Properties Values Remarks
Material Foamed EPDM Rubber
Max. Surface Temperature +150 C For temperatures between -50 C and -200 C, please consult our Technical Department.
Min. Surface Temperature -50 C
Thermal Conductivity at 0?? C 0.038 W/(m K) Test according to BS 874 Part 2 1986
Thermal Conductivity at +40?? C 0.042 W/(m K)
Water Vapour Permeability Moisture Resistance Factor > 4,000 Test according to DIN 52 615
Water Absorption 0.2% by volume Test according to ASTM C 209
Surface Spread of Flames Class 1 Test according to BS 476 Part 7: 1997
Reaction to fire Self-extinguishing, does not drip
Noise Reduction Sound Absorption Coefficient ISO 354:2003 - up to 0.8 Also suitable for use in the prevention of sound passage
Resistance to Building Materials: Very Good
Ozone: Very Good
UV: Very Good
Chemicals: Consult Product Test List
Health Aspects Dust & Fibre Free
Other Properties ODP zero
GWP zero
Outdoor Applications NO additional coating or painting is necessary - HT/Armaflex is UV-resistant.

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